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WROCŁAW AIRCARGO TERMINAL LTD. has been functioning from June 1st 1999 in Wroclaw. 

Our task is to create favorable conditions for functioning and growth of complex logistics for air and road cargo services.

Our company ownes a modern cargo terminal located at the area of International Airport Wrocław Strachowice. Very good localization in the centre of economiacally active region, nearmess of A-4 motorway and highway nr 3 (Wrocław – Zielona Góra – Świnoujście), and intergation with Airport infrastructure makes ourobject a favourite place for current and future partners.

Our main activity is rental of office and warehouse spaces and complex maintaince of air cargo traffic at the area of Wrocław Airport. Moreover we offer store services related to runned by us customs agency and national warehouse. Together with our partners we provide complex service of air, road and sea transport.

The Board of Directors Wroclaw Aircargo Terminal LTD.

President Norbert Kowalczyk
Chief of Cargo and Technical Department Dorota Rumińska
Chief Accountant Agnieszka Karczewska

Company equality capital amounts to

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“Polish Airports“ State Enterprise


Wrocław Airport join-stock company



Wrocław Aircargo Terminal LTD. as an owner of modern warehouse-office complex looks forvard forcooperation with all companies interested in comprehensive national and international logistics services.

We offer:
– 5500 m2 modern, heated and ventilated warehouse area with possibility of high store up to 6m. All warehouses are equipedd with loading ramps,
– About 1750 m2 office area
– Comprehensive technical infrastructure:
all media,
fiber optic telecomunation and structural network,
efficent fire system,
refrigerators, freezers,
safe room for valuable packages,
room for radioactive materials,
high store shelfs,
loading ramps,
fork-lift trucks,
trailers for transportation of air cargo,
other special equipment (including equipment installed on demand of cooperatives) .
– Customs Agency – Wroclaw Airport – Strachowice,
– Car park and manoeuvre area. Total car area of 13000 m2 avialable 24h,
– Cafeteria,
– Proffesional seciury including building and car park

With this infrastructure Wrocław Aircagro Terminal offers
– rental of office and warehouse space:
currently 17 m2 of free office areaand 60 m2 of free warehoyuse area
– comprehensive service of air cargo including special packages like: dangerous materials DGR, valuable VAL, living animals AVI. Moreover we have appropiate equipment and we build air packages for airlines,
– own customs office,
– own customs warehouse,
– own national warehouse,
– logistics packet includind transport services, storing, loading and unloading, packaging and documentation.



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Working hours

Monday-Friday 8:00 – 16:00
Monday-Friday 08:00 – 01:00
Saturday 8:00 – 23:00
Sunday 08:00 – 01:00

Wroclaw Aircargo Terminal LTD.

ul. Zarembowicza 40
54-530 Wrocław
REGON 931904985
NIP 894-24-51-600